Elijah Ogutu:

When it comes to Design, Development & Marketing(all), We’re masters at what we do. But where we really excel… where we really shine, is taking your ideas and interpreting them, understanding them and translating them onto the page, using our expertise, so that the end result looks like it came not from two people… but directly from your imagination. It’s almost as if we’re an extension of your creativity, not just outside NUMBSKULLS fumbling to get things right. I don’t think you can expect that perspective from anybody who is going to lowball you. My name is Elijah but call me Eli 😉 

MD Abdullah Al Farabi


MD Abdullah Al Farabi a.k.a Al is a Web Developer, Web designer and Marketing Specialist. He has 4 years of working experience. Al and Eli started Crazy Rankers because they saw an opportunity to help clients rank organically without breaking the bank. With their resent business success, they are excited about 2019 and how rapidly they have scaled up… Al is passionate about what she does. He is hard working, Smart and Straight forward. He knows how to manage clients and close deals. His favorite is “Do it with passion or not at all”