Our Web Design Service – What It Is And How To Use It

Responsive web design, originally defined by Ethan Marcotte responds to the needs of the users and the devices they’re using. The layout change based on the size and capabilities of the device. For example, smartphone users would see search content shown in a single column View; a tablet might show the same content in two columns. Almost every new client nowadays wants a mobile version of their website. It’s Virtually important, one design for the BlackBerry,another for the iPhone, the iPad, — and all screen resolutions must be compatible.

Our Web Design Services helps businesses grow by doing the following:

Deliver a website experience that every Visitor will love to View:

90% of Visitors View website design as the reason they trust or reject a website. If your Visitors do not

trust you, they will not transact with you. We will help you develop a website that brings reliability and

helps your products or services stand out using the latest design technology.

Make your website responsive:

Over half of all Internet activity is carried out on mobile devices. Your website should be responsive and able to adapt to any device,regardless of size. We will make your website responsive across all mobile device versions.

Deliver a great user experience:

Why not make it easy for website users to navigate through your website? If it is too difficult for your users to get what they want, you will have high bounce rates and low conversions as well. We will make your website user-friendly by organizing your site’s menu structure, and adding CTAs on pages throughout your website. Making it easy and straightforward for your Visitors to find what they are looking for.

Our Web Design Service Process

#1 Know your business design preferences

Working with our website designer that understands your website needs and preferences, we will send you a questionnaire. On this questionnaire, you can clarify what features you want to be integrated on your website.

#2 Setting up website hosting and choose website platform

We will need access to your hosting account to design your website. If you do not have one, we recommend using either Bluehostor, GoDaddy. Once you provide us with access, our expert web developer will start working on your website. Once received, we will make the changes and complete your website design.

#3 Launch the live version of your website

Once the website design has been approved, we will launch the live version of it. We will move it from the temporary location and place the website on your primary domain. Now, you can have all the benefits of a new website and enjoy a better user experience!

#4 Maintain the Website

We also offer website maintenance plans to assist you with routine updates and security of your website. Whether you need us on a weekly or monthly basis, we will be here to assist you.